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Taizhou Huaye pipeline equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangsu city of Taizhou province Jiangyan City Lou Zhuang Industrial Park No. 16. For many years specializing in the production of damper, damper, electric damper damper, damper, desulfurization desulfurization baffle door, pneumatic damper, blower inlet bellows, bellows, electric damper, flue gas baffle door, shutter baffle, baffle door, door of high temperature desulfurization nonmetal compensator, pneumatic damper, damper, electric power plant, electric damper damper, corrugated compensator, bellows, pressure vessel bellows expansion joint, corrugated metal hose, corrugated pipe, isolation damper, blower inlet bellows, gate, non metal compensator, fabric expansion joint, manual isolation valve, throttle, ash hole, spring hanger, rolling bracket, electric block separator, dust separation Chemical device, PTFE bellows expansion joint, CE bellows, bellows, energy-saving insulation, explosion-proof doors, sliding bearing power plant explosion door explosion door, circular gravity, inclined coal gate, electric explosion-proof doors, Manholes, thick wall corrugated pipe, air lock, heat pipe rotating compensator, sleeve compensator, coal mine poke holes, adjustable pulverized coal coal shrinkage device of pipeline equipment accessories.

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